Wheel Washer

Wheel Washer is a multifunction machine controlled by a PLC placed inside the electrical board that controls time and washing phases. The machine works only with high pressure and chemical products studied specially for washing rims and tires.

The frame is made of stainless steel AISI 304 and the structure has been studied to facilitate the tire put in ergonomically. Inside a gearmotor, connected to belts and pulleys, allows the rotation of the tire that is, in this way, completely covered by the chemical product. Adjustable dosing pumps spread the product uniformly and the operator never touches the chemical products.
The high pressure system is composed by a motor pump group 150 BAR 15 lt/minute and two rotating and swinging nozzles.

In the low part there is a tank for the collection of dirty waters that can be connected to a cleaner or a drainage.
The Wheel Washer works automatically without the need of the stable operator presence during the washing phases that can go on automatically.
Wheel Washer has been studied and manufactured in order to guarantee high results with the lowest consumption of electricity (just 4 KW) and chemical product.




Technical Features

Structure Stainless steel AISI 304
Overall Dimensions 110 x 120 x 135h cm
3.61 x 3.94 x 4.43 ft
Weight 220 Kg – 485 lbs
Power Supply 400VAC 50Hz 3ph+N (*)
Safety Protections Proximity Sensor
High Pressure Pump 150bar 15 l./min. – 4Kw
2,175psi 3.96 gpm- 4Kw
Gearmotor 0,25 Kw
MotorsProtection Micro Switch
>Water Supply 25 l/min. – Max 50°C
6.6 gpm – Max 122°F
Washing Programs 3 cycles
Washing Times Can be set at the discretion of the client
Programming and Control PLC inbuilt
WheelsDiameter Min. 500 – Max 800 mm
Min. 19.69 – Max31.5 in
WheelsWidth Min. 135 – Max 400 mm
Min. 5.31 – Max15.75 in
Environment Condition Indoor use only
Temperature min. 5°C – 41°F
(*) On request are available versions with power supply at 60Hz